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When Edward Keshavarzi
moved to Canada in 2013

,he realized that the Canadian educational system, when it comes to math, is lacking the fundamental elements of a solid curriculum in multiple levels. First, he noticed that set theory, logics and combinatorics are completely missing from the curriculum. Even though geometry is present, it has no depth and is not equivalent to the universal level of geometry; ditto the trigonometry. It wasn’t just math; while many countries in the world start physics in grade 8/9, in Canada, physics starts in grade 11. Too little, too late. , 

Lack of challenge is another substantial problem that soon was detected. There are very few complex questions that require deep digging. The shallowness of the curriculum, and the absence of the important topics have contributed to a substantial gap between high school and university courses. Often, Canadian students complain that they are unable to compete with international students, and it is not their fault.

At the same time, educators’ low salaries that do not match with the rising cost of living is a huge obstacle for hiring talented teachers. This is why the number of qualified teachers who can inspire students are not more than a handful in most school districts. Edward, in collaboration with some experts, came to the point that even though all of the mentioned short comings cannot be addressed, they, at least, could design a program with the following characteristics:

1. Inclusion of missing topics namely, set theory and combinatorics

2. Satisfactory number of challenging questions for those who are interested to go beyond

3. The program goes two years ahead of school curriculum, and, in some topics

That’s not all. No matter how good a program is, it cannot do any good unless they are delivered in a communicative, fun and lecture-based manner that engages students. Our lessons are taught in small groups of peers by effective communications and back and forth questions/answers using the whiteboard. We believe that concepts are made by effective dialogue between the educators and students. We do not ask them to, “figure out on your own”; what if they can’t? We also are against repetitive math.  Repetitive math makes it boring like a never-ending job.  And this is how K-math and K-science came to existence. At the moment we offer 6 textbooks from K-Math0 to K-Math5 for students in grade 3 and higher all made by Hawking Academy’s experts, as well as textbooks for science courses from grade 5 onwards.  After nearly 8 years, we are confident that the programs not only contribute to a deep understanding of math, but also result in good grades. Needless to say, nothing can elevate students’ self esteem like good grades. Another huge advantage of finishing K-Maths program is that it includes SAT, ACT, and AP materials, thus, the prep for these standard tests becomes so much shorter plus less expensive as participants already know most of those materials. 

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